Layers of Life

There’s an old life and a new life. A past, a present, and a future. All of my past was painted in this picture below, and then the Lord brought in the colors of the present which lightened it up dramatically.  So while the cross has always been there, it represents my future, my choices, my actions, my perspective, my attitude, etc.  It represents whether or not I’m ready to be seen by the Lord.  I was completely seen by Him on this retreat at the Cove in Asheville, NC.  I’m seen by Him when I’m with my family and I hug my precious niece.  I’m seen by Him on the hiking trails, and when I’m with Rachel Nelson.  I’m seen by Him when He gives me the perseverance to carry on with no longer having my mother on this earth. I’m seen by Him when He reminds me there will be new earth one day, and that I can be a new creature in Him on this earth and the new one.  Even though I’m always, always seen by Him, I’m not ready to be seen by Him.  My insecurities, fear, shame, past, etc. keep me from wanting to be really seen. I think of what it would like to be ready regardless of it all and lean in, step into His presence.  That’s what it looked like at the retreat, that’s what it felt like hiking.  That’s what it felt like painting the layers He has brought me through (out of) and here.  Jesus is my Lord and savior and more than anything in the world, I desire to live a life in alignment with Him, His holiness, and His glory.  Confidence.  Confidence in all of this is the starting point in this present moment.  Tonight, I’m going to paint what I think the colors of confidence look like to me.   Pictures, musings, and writings to come.





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