Week Review


In the midst of a lot of pressure and stress, we have found a way to incorporate a lot of fun.  A lot of the fun has developed from complete blessings and a lot of it has developed from school assignments and just the willingness to persevere during hard times.  I think Alex and I both have felt some guilt from having so much fun lately but we had a long talk about that today.  He is in the process of finding a new job, I’m dealing with the loss of my mother and my grandparents not doing well.  On top of that, there are other pressures that surround us but he reminded me today that we have each other and that’s all that counts right now.  Tonight we are having chicken noodle soup for dinner and working on laundry- simplicity, and necessities.  We have taken a step back and taken a  look at our priorities.  We are checking them to ensure they are in order. Lately, my priorities have been God, work, school, and housekeeping which can be a tall order when you are a cat owner. Foster has been dominating my 740 sq feet apartment and I’ve had a lot of cleaning up after him to do.  School is in turbo mode and work is very busy.  I miss my nana and poppy dearly but I’m really doing the best I can right now to keep everything at bay.  I am very thankful to have Alex’s support and help through everything. We have definitely been there for each other in a lot of ways and it is a test to our relationship.  When I got home from church today, I was a wreck. I’m dealing with conviction in my life that I can’t let go.  However, it doesn’t take long to get my mind in a better place through a lot of praying and a lot of writing which help me regain some peace.  A recap to the fun: My sister in law had an extra ticket to the Brad Paisley concert (I can’t get the music from that concert out of my head), my friend Johnnie and her husband transferred Panthers tickets to us, and then we had an amazing time going to dinner with them the next night.  The next day, we made a full day trip to Asheville. I was able to work on my restaurant experience for my intercultural communications class as well as have a blast in the city.  I’m enjoying being back in church and volunteering with the four-year-olds Sunday school class.  It is a joy seeing them excited to learn about Jesus. They are so smart!!!  Most of all, I’m realizing just how extremely blessed I am and I’m praying for God’s mercy and grace to continue to rain on my life.  When I think everything will work itself out, I’m constantly reminded that it comes down to my choices. Why are choices, good choices so hard to make? I feel like the majority of them are good but there are those few that are haunting me.  Honesty is the virtue I value the most right now and I’m working on that paradigm-shift in my heart, mind, and soul.



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