Dream Big Work Hard

I found this beautiful paperweight at “The Market” in High Point, NC. It is so pretty and is sitting on my desk. Everytime I look at it, I’m inspired by all of the things and ideas I have in my head but haven’t sat down and started yet.  I have definitely entered into a new place, a good place.  It’s just still in the midst of so many hard and heavy things I’m dealing with outside and inside of me.  It’s that place where you are ignited for newness but dealing with life. My current routine looks like waking up at the last minute to get ready for work. Somehow I find myself polished and out the door in probably my “greatest timing” of 15 minutes.  I make my way to work, fill up my water bottle and have a cup of tea. I’m at my desk working premium audits and all that it entails.  I take an hour lunch break.  Sometimes I come home to my apartment on my lunch break and sometimes I run errands.  I head back to work and am there until 5pm.  I come home and wind down with some light-hearted TV.  After dinner, I pull out my laptop and attempt to make something great.  Right now, creation for me is cooking, baking, and writing.  I desire to get back into a running and yoga routine. I desire to be a better employee and professional. I desire to feel accomplished at the end of my workday and have the energy and zeal to moonlight my way into my BGHAG (big hairy audacious goal) which is writing a book.  I realize in order to write a good book, I must read good books.  The book I have my heart set on reading right now is “Little Women”.  I think it is a perfect piece of literature that will certainly light the way for me in the areas of my writing.  My dilemma right now is that I am just so tired.  School starts back in three weeks so I will be committed and very busy with keeping up with the cohort.  Something I have to look forward to is the fact that I only have two more semesters until I graduate. I am excited for what comes after graduation but I fully realize that what happens next rest in my hands- what I’m doing with my “mental muscles” and my “heart muscles” every day will determine where all of these ideas in my head will take me.  I have to push through the tiredness and keep progressing towards those goals. I want to get more intentional about my goals so that I am back on track to absolutely reach them. While I may be simply writing about my life happenings or my life dreams, it feels like progression because I am writing.  That really is a big step for me because I am committed to it no matter how good or bad the content is to my readers (if I have any out there).  That’s what this blog is- not worrying about what other people are going to think and just writing out what flows within and without. That’s what I want for me and that’s what I want for you. For me, a successful blog is creating a community that wants to be a part of something I am putting out in the world.  Right now, it’s me sharing my heart with you and that’s a lot harder than it sounds.  You’re helping me without me even knowing you are there.  I’m accountable to you in my writings and in my development to become. Let me be your accountability partner too!  The good news is there is a lot of desire in me.  Just like baking the cake, if I add integrity and a good attitude to it, I think it will end up tasting as delectable as I dream it to be. cake platter yellow


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