To Bake or Not to Bake

Life is like baking a cake. There are layers to it and it is a process. It has ingredients, measurements, and temperatures. It can go as high as you want it to.  Three layers? Four-layer?  Additionally, I am in the market for a new flour sifter and the most beautiful cake platter I can find.  If you haven’t seen “The Hours” yet, it is a must-watch. It, for the most part, depicts the life of Virginia Woolf.  Namely, her emotions, her mental state, and her brilliance.  I don’t think she ever thought about baking cakes.  I bet her mind was mostly occupied with writing her books just like the film depicts.  When I saw that, it astounded me. She was writing the book always, not just with a pen and paper at hand.  She couldn’t help herself. While trying to spend time with her niece, the words were always on her lips.  However, what if baking cakes helped her mental state?  There again, I think happy people bake cakes and she was not happy.  There is a quote I love and it’s something along the lines of “Fit People aren’t happy because they are fit, they are fit because they are happy”.  Depression and anxiety-related disorders keep people from baking cakes and running but somehow they can completely fuel people to write. So that’s what Woolf did.  Deep down, I want to bake a cake for her.  And that’s like life- we have to figure out what we are baking for in order to be happy about it.  We have to figure out what we are living for in order to live it out.  Loaded question but some of us need to ponder it. We need to pick out the cake platter, use the flour sifter, measure twice, cut once, and bake.



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