10 Year Review


I remember when I first heard about reviewing life as a type of meditation. I remember when I would actively and presently do it and the amazing difference it made on my life.  Now that things are a lot heavier than they have ever been, a “review of life” has been a must for helping me to understand better or accept better where I am today.  I love having so many pictures at my fingertips that I can download and place here. I can depict so much that I want to say.  For now, today I needed meditation and I took the “review of life” or “review of the last ten years” route.  Without even having to write it on my sleeves, it’s been happening in my waking life.  People are literally coming out of the woodwork- I’m running into people all over the place from the last ten years of my life. I’m hearing from people and I’m thinking of people who were there.  I realize the people in my life were the most important part – they were more important to me than anything I was doing for myself. Because of that, my life was enriched in so many beautiful ways.  While I was often stressed about my future, I was still in a good place because of the people I had beside me.  I’ve been hit hard with a few reality checks and it’s almost as if I am being hit with one now.  I’m hit with the fact that the dream I had ten years ago is still the dream I have today.  It’s still the dream I’m aiming and working to accomplish.  It can still come to fruition.  I’m finding that the venture I thought would get me there is a  molecule size stepping stone to the other things I must do to make it happen. One of my favorite quotes is “a millimeter of progress is progress”.  So maybe some of the things I’m doing are molecule size stepping stones but at least I’m carving that path.  Maybe getting intentional about what that path resembles is where the breakthrough happens.  Have you broken through your path? If so, tell me about it!  If not, tell me about your stepping stones or your intentions. Let’s ponder this together and become who we want to be. I confess that I’m a late bloomer.  I  look forward to meeting others on this journey and being inspired by you, too.  I look forward to hearing from people I know and connecting with you more through this platform.


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