Looking back on old memories has been a huge part of this blog for me. Writing is therapeutic and sometimes we have to go back to where we were to figure out where we are now and where we are headed. The definition of “Rogue” has been on my mind a lot lately.  It’s associated with dangerous, devil, evildoer, monster, rascal, savage, no-good, nazi, villain, and wretch.  The official definition I received from my mother’s trusty dictionary is ” thieves’ slang, formerly, a wandering beggar or tramp; vagabond.  A rascal; scoundrel, a fun-loving, mischievous person: used affectionately.  An animal as an elephant, that wanders apart from the herd and is fierce and wild.  in biology, an individual varying markedly from the standard, especially an inferior one”.  However Rogued is ” to cheat, to destroy, to live or act like a rogue”.  It’s funny how this word can be used so playful yet so serious at the same time. We can call a little pug peeing on one’s yoga mat “going rogue” or we can name a Nissan vehicle or Coach purse after it.  The word itself is so extraordinarily broad.  When I decided I wanted a new vehicle, I kind of had my heart set on a white SUV Acura.  I chose to go more within my means and purchased a white SUV Nissan Rogue.  About a year later, when I was in the market for a new purse, I discovered the “Rogue” Coach purse.  Just looking at the name, I knew I had to have it.  All of the sudden, I was obsessed with this word and excited to dig deeper into what it means for me.

For me, I can relate to the monster, the fun-loving mischievous person, fierce, wild, and an individual varying markedly from the standard.  Although, I deeply desire to conform more to society for the good of myself and others, I can’t help but be honest with myself and my Eastern Kentucky roots.  Thankfully, those English Wales roots of mine are prominent too.

To be authentic, is to embrace the good and bad of this word and how it relates to my character.  With our humanistic instincts, I think we can all relate to the character traits describing this word.

God has put me in a lot of places and when I look back on old photos, it’s clear to see. He’s put me in some amazing places.  Yet I’ve strayed and put myself into some questionable ones.

Like the sheep comes home to her shepherd, I want to do that with Jesus.  I want to stop wandering and be known in His presence.  But when the mischievous side of me comes out, like it inevitably will, I have a savior there to reel me back in before I go too far out.

So the reflection of this word was surprising to me.  While I thought I was a horrible person there for a few weeks, I realize I’m just a human being made up of good and bad.  And that I need Jesus’ grace to cover me in all of it.  When my heart is made whole, I can thrive where he places me.  Then, I can be like a funnel and pour into others like they have always, always poured into me. I’m so excited He loves me regardless of my roguery.

Interesting enough, rouge is ” to tackle a runner between his goal line and a line, yards behind it, the tackler scores one point for his side by doing this aka Canadian football”.

I’m excited to tackle a lot of things in my life- career, relationships, finances, hobbies, etc.  What are you going to tackle? What are you going to turn from rogue to rouge?


Please comment! I can’t wait to hear from you.


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